The Opposite of Faith is not Fear

Faith does not cast out fear, it is love that casts out fear. It is very easy to believe someone you love, even when they are lying to you. Why? Because love covers  multitude of sins.

Do you want to overcome fear in your life? Love the Lord your God! The greater your love for God, the more your faith grows!


My New Year Resolution: To Mind My Own Business

I spent the larger part of December 2012 reflecting on how I have spent the year. I looked at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year, and how many of those goals I was able to achieve.I also looked at what I did well and what I didn’t do well.

As I began to make plan for a 2013, one thing was clear to me: I need to start mind my business in 2013.

I figured  the only person on this planet I should not disappoint, is myself. You see, I have come to realized that. if I don’t disappoint myself I would  not disappoint God.

Some may see it as me being selfish, some may see it as me being proud, but I know a few friends who will be proud of my decision, plus I don’t really owe anyone an explanation for what I decide to do with my life. Because It’s my life and I’m the only one responsible for it.

It’s time for us to stand up and take responsibility for our own lives, because if we don’t nobody will.

I wish you a very happy and gratifying 2013 🙂

Believe in yourself

It’s good for others to believe in you but it’s more important for you to believe in yourself.

When others believe in you, they give the opportunities to express your abilities. When you believe in yourself, you create your own opportunities and express your abilities even when others don’t believe in you.

I think a combination of both is needed for a maximized life.

Trust in the Lord!

What does it mean to trust in the Lord? To trust in someone means to be confident and rest assure in that person . Trust is an unshaken Read the rest of this entry

Change is what You Become

Everything remains static until we apply the law of motion. It is what we become as a result of the change that has happened in us that affects things we see around us.

The 20kg weight you lifted yesterday is not  lighter today because it has reduced in size, it is lighter because  your muscles have become stronger. And the one mile run hasn’t become breezy because the distance has shrunk, it has become  breezy because your heart, lungs, and blood vessels have become stronger .

So technically things don’t change people change. Therefore change is what we become!

Your Strength is in What You Do

Willingness has nothing to do with ability it has more to do with attitude. You may not have the ability to complete a task but if you are willing you can always find a way.

When you say  “I can’t do it do that” you have already put a limit of your ability to get it done.

Mental strength is developed the same way we develop physical strength. For any increase or gain to happen within a muscle group, those muscles must be subjected to resistance that is greater to what they have been used to.

You may not know what you’re capable of until you are willing to push beyond the limits you have placed on your self.

This week, do that thing which scares you. It doesn’t matter how many attempt you have to make before you get it right.  If it’s going to make you a better person just keep at it until it’s done. Because it is when it is done that you know the joy of victory.

The True Measure of A Man

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. ~Samuel Johnson

It makes business sense to focus on return on investment. We learn to allocate our resources on ventures that show signs of bountiful returns. For most of us if there is nothing in it for us we don’t put anything into it.

So we treat life as ”give and take”. When I give to you I expect to get back from you. So we choose our circle of ”friends” very carefully. We become smart net-workers and have a long list of criteria a person must meet before we allow them into our inner circles.

There is nothing wrong in expecting to get back when we give, after all the farmer plants his seed in hope of getting a good harvest, but when getting back is the only reason why we give, giving loses its essence.

Life is not always about “give and take” and the acts that get rewarded are those acts of kindness that are done without expecting anything in return.

Whose Watch Are You Using to Run Your Life?

Yesterday at the bus stop, a woman looked at my watch and was troubled because she thought time was running against her. Although my watch read 8:45am , what she didn’t know was that the real time was 8:30am  I purposely set my watch to run at 15 minutes faster than normal time.

If she had asked me instead of looking and reaching a conclusion based on ‘my time’, I would have told her the real time, who knows may be 8:30 could still be a good time for her.


Successful people are those who had the commitment to answer the same questions we were all asking and later turned round to sell us their answers. They develop strength to lift the weight we are all struggling with and then they make a lifetime vocation of showing us how to do what they did. ~Dr Mensa Otabil

In his book Losing My Virginity, Sir Richard Branson told the story of how he started Virgin Atlantic:

“In ’79, when Joan, my fiancée and I were on a holiday in the British Virgin Islands, we were trying to catch a flight to Puerto Rico; but the local Puerto Rica scheduled flight was cancelled. The airport terminal was full of stranded passengers. I made a few calls to charter companies and agreed to charter a plane for $2000 to Puerto Rico. Cheekily leaving out Joan’s and my name, I divided the price by the remaining number of passengers, borrowed a blackboard and wrote: VIRGIN AIRWAYS: $39 for a single flight to Puerto Rico. I walked around the airport terminal and soon filled every seat on the charter plane. As we landed at Puerto Rico, a passenger turned to me and said: “Virgin Airways isn’t too bad – smarten up the services a little and you could be in business.”

Brendon Burchard in his best-selling book ”The Millionaire Messenger” also explained that each of us has a story the world is willing to pay for. Our stories stem from our experiences, the questions we answered; the problems we found solutions to, all of these make us to who we are today.  We can bless the world with our stories while enriching ourselves from at the same time. After all according to Dan Kennedy ”People buy stories not stuff”.

It is easy for a person who has successfully lost a significant amount of weight to sell “weight loss” to others who are struggling with the same issue. She has a valid story, and others who are trying to do what she has done can see that it is doable.

You have been successful at something you once struggled with; you have found answers to some life’s tough questions; you have been delivered from something holding someone else captive. You have received comfort on some issues, so that you can comfort others with the same comfort you have received. That is your story. Don’t waste it. Use it to help others and make some money in the process.

Remember “People buy stories not stuff”.  Wrap your product/service around your story and see how you’ll touch people on a more personal level.

Till I come your way again next week, go make some bulk with your story 🙂


“Jealousy is you counting other people’s blessing instead of counting yours. Stop looking over other people’s shoulders wishing we have what they’ve got. You have something someone is wishing he’s got too. Let us accept our strengths and learn to use them to our own advantage, for there lays our reward.”

Each of us is great at something. There are things other struggle with, that we do flawlessly without even thinking about it. Our strengths are talents given to us by God. When we work with strengths we can develop them into skills that can become beneficial to us and the world. our strengths are the stuff that separate us from others. When developed, our strengths set us above the average people, and make us the cream that always rises to the top.

We cannot be excellent at everything, we’ll always do some things better than others. The challenge we have as people is, sometimes we spend so much energy and resources to “work” on our weaknesses than we do on developing and maximizing our strengths.

Our weaknesses make us disadvantaged. Our strengths make us advantaged. We cannot grow from a place of disadvantage, we can only grow from a place of advantage. You can drink all the coffee in the world if you like, but you are not going to be a great Mathematician hate numbers. You may study hard to get a degree in mathematics, but you are never going to rise to the top of your field.

A well-developed strength area can overshadow our weaknesses in other areas. By weaknesses, I don’t mean flaw in characters, I mean things we are suck at. For instance, I’m a Fitness instructor but I suck at dancing.  As a matter of fact when I started out learning the rudiment of Group Fitness Instruction, my coach told some other coaches in secret that I have come to waste my time and money, because my coordination was REALLY BAD. But three months later I was instructing classes. What I lacked in coordination I made up for in energy and physical strength that even my coach couldn’t believe eyes. I was a guest instructor for him twice in 2011 at The National Institute for Sport when he lectures.

I lead great classes today but I know where my strength lies. I don’t try to do complex choreography like those who are born dancers, I build simple combinations and make up for what I like in complexity with intensity. But I haven’t always been like that, there was a particular time I tried to take some lessons in a fitness dance format, so that I can add that to the other formats I teach.  I had to come to terms with myself and accepted the fact that I can never be a great instructing a dance based fitness format that involves complex choreography because my strength is not in dancing.

Let us stop looking over other people’s shoulders wishing we have what they’ve got. You have something someone is wishing he’s got too. Let us accept our strengths and learn to use them to our own advantage, for there lays our reward.

I wish you a very great week of strength discovery and maximization!