Whose Watch Are You Using to Run Your Life?

Yesterday at the bus stop, a woman looked at my watch and was troubled because she thought time was running against her. Although my watch read 8:45am , what she didn’t know was that the real time was 8:30am  I purposely set my watch to run at 15 minutes faster than normal time.

If she had asked me instead of looking and reaching a conclusion based on ‘my time’, I would have told her the real time, who knows may be 8:30 could still be a good time for her.


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  1. Very good question….it also begets the question whose race are we then running? Paul asked each of us to run our own race (looking at our own time) because Gods time is the most accurate of all….but it’s different for us all.


  2. i really don’t know whose watch i am looking at….. but one thing i know for sure is no one can ever catch time…..,it is the best to do what you can and tomorrow will be another day to begin with….


  3. I use my phone. I dont wear a watch because do not like being confined by time but use my phones organizer only to keep appointments 🙂 I get what you are saying. Loved it! .


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