The True Measure of A Man

The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good. ~Samuel Johnson

It makes business sense to focus on return on investment. We learn to allocate our resources on ventures that show signs of bountiful returns. For most of us if there is nothing in it for us we don’t put anything into it.

So we treat life as ”give and take”. When I give to you I expect to get back from you. So we choose our circle of ”friends” very carefully. We become smart net-workers and have a long list of criteria a person must meet before we allow them into our inner circles.

There is nothing wrong in expecting to get back when we give, after all the farmer plants his seed in hope of getting a good harvest, but when getting back is the only reason why we give, giving loses its essence.

Life is not always about “give and take” and the acts that get rewarded are those acts of kindness that are done without expecting anything in return.


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Lost 23kg and kept it off. Fitness Instructor, Exercise Advocate. Recreational Writer, Social Media Enthusiast. Made by God in Nigeria

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  1. Kikelomo Ogunnubi

    True talk but there is something about man which is inherent or somehow already in our subconscious that life is about give and take! However,it takes a conscious effort of changing our mindset which the bible calls the ‘renewal of our mind’.Until this is done,we will continue to give with the expectation of receiving.


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